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 IAU Championships | 100 K

Live Updates

Here we will carry the Live Updates over at this link.

Sunday 13th September
IAU 100K World and European Championships 2015
FINALLY  - Now the race is over and the closing ceremony awards and celebrations have finished, we can  give you more details and the full official results will be published on the LOC and our website after final checking of all the detail.   Meanwhile here are the medallists that we celebrated yesterday
You will also note that the team medallists excluded the Russian male team as there was a protest which was upheld by the Jury of Appeal  ( see here).

Hilary Walker  - for the IAU.

Bronze medallist for the ladies was Vrajie Marya ( CRO) with 7.27.11

Fourth was Sara Bard 7.29.01 and fifth was Jo Zakrzewski in 7.31.33

First three mens team are
1 Sweden 19.59.40
2. Russia 20.30.29
3.Italy 20.32.29

followed closely by France 20.46.42 and USA 21.01.26

Kajsa Berg ( SWE) has come home in second place for the ladies in 7:20:48

Camille Herron is crowned IAU 100K World Ladies Champion in 7.08.35!!!

21 men in below 7 hours  - fabulous results!

IAU  100K World Championships Top Ten Men

( Unofficial results)

1                  133           Buud, Jonas            SWE          06:22:44     

2                  66             Cuevas, Asier          ESP           06:35:49     

3                  94             Calcaterra, Giorgio   ITA            06:36:49     

4                  125           Larkin, Vasiliy          RUS           06:38:48     

5                  24             Decock, Wouter       BEL           06:41:27     

6                  134           Fagerlund, Fritjof     SWE          06:42:51     

7                  127           Chudykov, Vsevolod RUS           06:43:13     

8                  73             Bellanca, Jerome     FRA           06:43:41     

9                  86             Neuschwander,Flor   GER           06:49:13     

10                112           Sorokin, Aleksandr   LTU           06:50:34     

16.47   Silver medal Cuevas (ESP) 6.35.49, Bronze medal Calceterra ( ITA) 6.36.49,  then fourth Larkin (RUS) 6.38.48 and fifth  Wouter ( BEL) 6.41.27

16.25    Jonas Buud wins the IAU World and European Championships for 2015 in 6.23.48  ( unofficial time)  A very well earned victory!

4.05 pm  In the ladies race, Herron ( USA) lead Berg ( SWE) by 9 mins with Zakrzewski ( GBR) in third.

4 pm   - Jonas Buud is on his last lap with an estimated finish time likely to be around 6.20.  Cuevas and Larkin following.

3:16pm: Cuevas in 2nd place 3.5mins behind followed by Larkin and Calcaterra.

2:40pm: Buud has taken the lead at 70kms, Cuevas current European Champion is in 2nd place aboout 3 minites behind. Larkin is running with Calcaterra in 4th place. 

At 60kms: Herron has increased her lead to 12 minutes. Berg is running in 2nd place. Zakrzewski is in 3rd place followed by Sarah Bard (USA) and Irina Antrapova (RUS)

1:56pm: 60kms Buud is about 30seconds behind Walmsley. Jose Antonio Requejo is running 3rd... Followed by Cuevas and Larkin. 

At 50kms: Herron has a 10minute lead on Berg. Followed by Mochizuki, Zakrzewski and Zhalybina.

1:01pm: Berg moves to second place. Mochizuki is right behind. 

12:56am: 40 kms
Men: Walmsley still leading but Buud has led the chase  group to Noorden. The chase group includes Way and Itagaki.

Women: Herron still leading the women. The only one at this point to have gone over the 40km mark.

12:12am: 30 Kms

Men: Walmsley running in 1st. Followed by Lee Grantham (GBR) in 2nd place, Huuv van Noorden(NED) in 3rd place. Way and Buud are running 4th and 5th. Walmsley has a 2.5 minute lead on Grantham. 

Women: Herron is leading the women´s field. Mochizuki in 2nd place followed by Berg. Zakrzewski is in 4th place followed by Zhalybina. Herron hasa 4 minute lead. 

11: 35am 20kms:

Women: Herron leading 42.15 for 20km followed by Mochizuki in 2nd place, Berg a minute beind and Zhalybina and Jo Zakrzewski (GBR) in 5th place. 

11:18am: 20 kms:

Men: James Walmsley (USA) 1:14:22. He has a 80 second lead on Buud and Way running with Larkin and Tatsuya Itagaki (JPN) in the chase group.

10:55am: Live Timing link is down but the LOC is getting it fixed.

Men´s: Jonas Buud (SWE) and Steven Way (GBR) are in the lead group of 6 and they went around in just over 38 minutes for the first 10km. 

Women´s: Camille Herron (USA) in the lead with Chiyuki Mochizuki (JPN). They are followedby Kajsa Berg (SWE) and Marina Zhalybina (RUS). Barbara Mallmann (GER) is running in 5th place. 

10:51am: Runners are coming around on their first loop. Live Results will be posted soon.

10:08am: Runners are off and going through their first 10km loop!

I walked through the team refershment areas and everybody of excited!

8:56am: Top runners in the field... Vasiliy Larkin (RUS), Jonas Buud (SWE0 and Steven Way (GBR) in the men´s field. Camellia Herron (USA) leads the women´s followed by Chiyuki Mochizuki (JPN) and Jo Zakrzewski (GBR). 

8:50am; Beautiful Day. Chilly morning but good running conditions. An Hour 10 before stat time. The place is buzzing!

Nadeem Khan 
Director of Communications

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