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IAU Labels for 2015 - A reminder to Race Organisers
I am very pleased to see that there are a number of races which have applied to and been put on the race calendar for 2015. However there are new conditions for IAU Labels from January 2015 as we announced last June
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IAU 5th Trail World  Championships, Annecy, France. 30th May 2015.
Latest news. Yesterday, Friday 16th January, the FFA on behalf of the IAU and the LOC sent all IAU Member Federations  the invitation for the IAU Trail World Championships in Annecy, France on May 30th 2015 together with the General Information Sheet and the PEF and FEF
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5th IAU Trail World Championships Annecy, 30th May.
Online coverage & participation. We now have the final start list and also the link to the live on line feed that will be available from the race website.
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IAU 24H World and European Championships Turin, Italy 12H update.
Turin, with a metropolitan population of 2.2 million, is the location of the world famous Sindone di Torino or the Shroud of Turin. There are many visitors to see this phenomenon, more than the number of spectators watching a 24 hour world championship race.
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IAU CONGRESS . Doha, Qatar, November 2014 -   Draft Minutes and Financial Report  now available.
Its the festive season but as part of  finishing  off the activities for 2014, the draft short minutes and the finance report for the IAU Congress 2014 are now available on the website.
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IAU Labels 2015. First applications have now been processed.
As promised in October, the first IAU labels for 2015 have now been processed successfully. A reminder to all athletes and race organisers that for your athletic performances in ultra races to be recognised for the IAU performance rankings, the race requires an IAU label. 
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IAU 100K World Championships, Doha, Qatar, 21st November 2014
Final Results for the Individual and Team Championships.
With apologies for delay but here now are the final results for both the Mens and Ladies individual Championships and also the Team Championships.
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IAU Congress 20th November 2014, Aspire Dome, Doha, 10.45 am
Executive Council Report now published. Latest list of athletes also published.

We are now publishing the IAU Executive Council’s Report to Congress which will be discussed at Congress next week.
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5th IAU Trail World Championships – as events unfold. Half way point
As both the leading men and ladies have passed through the half way refreshment point (42K)  at Doussard, France and Spain are dominating the field.
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IAU Congress 2014, 20th November 2014, Doha, Qatar.
 You had notification in August  about our biennial Congress at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar on 20th November 2014 before the IAU 100K World Championships.  I now am giving you the final agenda for the meeting.
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5th IAU Trail World Championships – at the finish!
These currently are provisional results:- The first male finishers. France with Sylvain Court and Patrick Bringer took the Gold and Bronze medals with Lui Alberto-Hernando from Spain breaking the French stranglehold in silver. France have taken the Team Gold.  The three medallists for the Ladies race have also now finished with France taking First and second  - Nathalie Mauclair and Caroline Chaverot.   Maite Mayora  of Spain was in bronze position.
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27th  IAU 100K World Championships.  Doha, Qatar,  21st November 2014.  IAU MF Entry Forms

In addition to sending out the invitations with the entry forms to the Member Federations and putting the General Information Sheet on the website,  the entry form  information is now available on the website.

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27th  IAU  100K World Championships.  Doha, Qatar,  21st November 2014. Invitations and General Information Sheet.

We are pleased to announce that invitations are being circulated to all our IAU Member Federations this week for the IAU 100K World Championships in Qatar.

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IAU Labels for 2015 and beyond.

We have reported from recent Executive Committee meetings that we have reviewed and revised the criteria for the IAU labels which come into play for 2015 and these  can now be found on the website.

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 IAU Executive Committee – latest information  from the mid year meeting in Belgium

The EC had a very useful meeting in Leuven, Belgium at the end of June and the key decisions on a number of  important issue are outlined below with more details in the document attached

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IAU 24H World and European Championships, Turin, 11/12th April 2015. List of athletes.
The list you have been waiting for!   Please find attached the list of athletes participating in the IAU 24H World and European Championships.
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IAU 24H World and European Championships, Turin, 11/12th April 2015. New GIS and message from FIDAL 4th April 2015

All the team managers will have received the following email from FIDAL yesterday evening about the latest arrangements and all teams have now been allocated their hotel in Turin.
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IAU 24H World and European Championships, Turin, 11/12th April 2015. Accommodation and Course Update 2nd April 2015.
Accommodation details are now being finalised for those teams who had not been invoiced and paid previously and the course details are confirmed. 
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IAU 24H World and European Championships, Turin, 11/12th April 2015. Update 28th March.

Here is latest situation regarding the organization of the IAU 24H World and European Championships in Turin.   Further information will be rolled out during the next days so ensure that the  Federations/team managers  keep an eye on the website for further news.  FIDAL and the Italian Club CUS Torino  together with the IAU will be doing our best to guarantee the best possible event.  More below.

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IAU 100K World Championships  Doha, Qatar. 21st November 2014 – Athletes list.
We are now publishing the current list of athletes and team management participating in the IAU 100K World Championships as proposed by the IAU Member Federations.
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Badia Prataglia to host Trail World Championships in 2017

It is with pleasure we announce that Badia Prataglia will host the Trail Wolrd Championships in 2017. 
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Uncertainity About 100km World Championships This Year

We wanted to let our readers know the latest on the 100km World Championships this year. 
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Dates Under review for 100km World Championships 2016

We wanted to keep our readers informed that we are working with the LOC and RFEA (Spain Athletic Federation) on dates for the 100km World Championships. 
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Date confirmation 100km World Championships 2016

Please note that the LOC at Los Alcazares is re-confirming the dates for the 100km world championships this year. 
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IAU 100km World Championships 2016 Announced!

It is with great pleasure we annoucne that the 100km World Championships this year will take place in Los Alcazares, Spain.
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Prize Money announced at 2nd IAU 50km World Championships

The Local Organizing Committee Aspire has announced prize money at the 2nd IAU 50km World Championships. 
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 2016 IAU 24H European Championships  GIS now published.

The next 24 Hour European Championships is taking place. in Albi, France on  22nd-23rd October 2016.  Preparations are  advancing well and the GIS is now published
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5th IAU Trail World Championships – as events unfold.
It was still pitch black as the 268 championship athletes gathered on the banks of Lake Annecy in the funnel leading to the start. The first part of the route was lit suddenly by flares just before the gun went at 03.30 in the morning and the array of headlamps were soon moving off fast into the dark along the paths around the Lake before taking off for the first summit of the day.
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IAU 50km World Championships 2016

As it had been announced earlier that Doha, Qatar will be the host of the IAU 50km World Championships from 2015-2017. 
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IAU 100km World Championships December 4th

It is with pleasure and some relief we have confirmed the dates and location of the IAU 100km World Championships for 2016.
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Belfast to Host 24 Hour World Championships in 2017

Belfast has been selected to host the next 24 Hour World Championships in 2017.
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IAU 100K World and European Championships Winschoten, Nederlands 12th September 2015
Full classified Results now available.   
The LOC have worked hard to provide the full classified results which are now available both on this website and on the Run Winschoten website.
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IAU 100Km World & European Championships. 2015 - The final entry forms are in! ( amended list 16/8/15)
Good news. There is an excellent entry for the 100K World & European Championships in Winschoten on September 12th 2015. 38 IAU Member Federations are sending athletes to the Championships.
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IAU eNEWS July 2015

We have had two very successful IAU championships and now we are gearing up for the second half of the season with 100km World Championships in Winschoten, the Netherlands (Sept 12th) and the 50km World Championships in Doha, Qatar (Dec 4th). 
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IAU 5th Trail World Championships, Annecy, France. 30th May 2015 Results and IAAF Report
The results for both the men and women’s Individual Championships and for the men and women’s teams Championships are attached below. They have been checked and agreed with the IAU and FFA but are currently still termed provisional as they are timed at 20.00 30th May and a few runners were still out on the route.  There is also an excellent report of the race on the IAAF website.
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Reus & Herron win IAU Athlete of the Year 2015

It is with great pleasure we announce that Florian Reus (GER) and Camille Herron (USA) have won the 2015 IAU Athlete of the Year (ATY). 
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IAU 50K World Championships, Doha, Qatar 4th December 2015. Final Official Resuts.
Dear all, you will have seen the live streaming and commentary on the local websites and ours last night for the very successful first IAU 50K World Championships. Congratulations to all the runners but especially to the medallists in the race. We have proud winners with Tony Migliozzi ( USA ) for the men and Camille Herron ( USA) – now double World Champion having won the IAU 100K World Championships in Winschoten in September.
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IAU 50K World Championships Doha 5th December. Athletes List.
With just under a week to go to the first IAU 50K World Championships, We are now publishing s the list of athletes registered to start the race.
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The First IAU 50K World Championships, Doha Qatar, 4th December 2015
I am delighted to tell you all the details are now  in place for the first IAU 50K World Championships taking place in Doha, Qatar on 4th December 2015. 
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 IAU 100K World & European Championships 2015 Start List
The LOC has produced the start list with the race numbers for each athlete and their teams.
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 2016  Trail World Championships  GIS now published.

Preparations for the 2016 Trail World Championships, an IAU Competition in conjunction with ITRA , is now well advanced  so that we can now publish the General Information Sheet.  


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IAU 24H World and European Championships, Turin, 11/12th April 2015. Update.
This will be a world breaking championships for us all. On receipt of all the Final Entry Forms, we have 42 countries competing with 330 athletes. A new World Best for any IAU Championships. As always, there are a lot of final details to be sorted with Federation teams regarding accommodation costs and payments and we would ask that Federations pay any agreed costs as soon as possible. However…
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