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News, Views & Reviews: Update on April 21st 2014

Exciting times for the IAU. The first wave of invitations have been extended to the qualifiers for the 50km World Trophy Final. The responses have started coming in and it looks like we have a stellar field assembled in Doha.

3 more races remain in the series ending on June 30th. A provisional start list will be posted as we progress through the coming months.

We will post information on the Doha (100km) in the coming weeks. Also, we will advise you on the status of our discussions withTaiwan (24 Hours) for 2014. 

You can follow us on twitter (@iaunews). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

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50km World Trophy Final Updates

Invitations to the 50km World Trophy Final have started going out. >> more
New List of WBPs and WABPs

Please find attached the list of the World´s Best Performances (WBPs) and World Age Best Performances (WABPs). >> more
IAAF launches worldrunning.com

IAAF launches the new interactive website for athletes. >> more

Doha announces Prize Money for 50km Trophy Final

The LOC in Doha has announced that there will be prize money at the 50km World Trophy Final.

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Calendar races: april
4-4-2014 50km Jordan Road
Dead Sea Ultramarathon 50km
5-4-2014 100km Germany Road
5-4-2014 24 hour Australia Track
Coburg 24 hour
5-4-2014 50-100 km Hungary Road
50-100km in memorian Laszlo Simon
6-4-2014 48k Australia Trail
Nerang State Forest
7-4-2014 6D Greece Road
Athens international ultramarathon festival
10-4-2014 72h Greece Road
Athens international ultramarathon festival
11-4-2014 48h Greece Road
Athens international ultramarathon festival
12-4-2014 24 H & 6 H & 100 KM Italy Road
24 ore di Torino
12-4-2014 80 Km Italy Trail
UltraTrail dei Monti Cimini
12-4-2014 24h Greece Road
Athens international ultramarathon festival
13-4-2014 50k Australia Road
Australian Running Festival Canberra Ultra Marathon
19-4-2014 50 k United States Trail
19-4-2014 130 K Turkey Trail
Iznik Ultra Marathon
19-4-2014 24 hours Mexico Trail
19-4-2014 80 K Turkey Trail
Orhangazi Ultra Marathon
25-4-2014 222/101 km South Korea Trail
Pilgrimage Ultramarathon
25-4-2014 50 Km Italy Road
50 km di Romagna
26-4-2014 24 H Hungary Road
13.Sárvári 12/24 órás futás, 24 órás OB
26-4-2014 100k - 50k - Marathon Denmark Road
Cph-ultra 100 km
26-4-2014 6 and 12 hours United Kingdom Track
Crawley A.I.M. Charity 6 & 12 hour track race
27-4-2014 50K United States Trail
Trail Marathon/Road Ends Weekend
27-4-2014 6 H Italy Road
Self Transcendence 6h race
27-4-2014 100 km New Zealand Road
Sri Chimnoy 100 km Race
27-4-2014 100 km Mexico Track
1er "Ualtramaratón Athlos, Ensenada Runners" 100 km y 50 km "UMAER 2014"
30-4-2014 12 HRS Germany Road
2. Bad Dürkheimer Salinenlauf
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