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IAU Congress 20th November 2014, Aspire Dome, Doha, 10.45 am
Executive Council Report now published. Latest list of athletes also published.

We are now publishing the IAU Executive Council’s Report to Congress which will be discussed at Congress next week.
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Bids Open for IAU Championships
It is our pleasure to announce that bids are open for IAU Championships in 2016. 
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Nominees for IAU Athletes of the Year 2014

It is with great pleasure that we announce the short-list of nominees for IAU Athlete of the Year 2014. 
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 IAU Executive Committee – latest information  from the mid year meeting in Belgium

The EC had a very useful meeting in Leuven, Belgium at the end of June and the key decisions on a number of  important issue are outlined below with more details in the document attached

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IAU Labels for 2015 and beyond.

We have reported from recent Executive Committee meetings that we have reviewed and revised the criteria for the IAU labels which come into play for 2015 and these  can now be found on the website.

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 IAU Congress 2014, 20th November 2014, Doha, Qatar
We are due to hold our biennial  Congress at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar on 20th November  2014 before the IAU 100K World Championships .
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27th  IAU  100K World Championships.  Doha, Qatar,  21st November 2014. Invitations and General Information Sheet.

We are pleased to announce that invitations are being circulated to all our IAU Member Federations this week for the IAU 100K World Championships in Qatar.

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27th  IAU 100K World Championships.  Doha, Qatar,  21st November 2014.  IAU MF Entry Forms

In addition to sending out the invitations with the entry forms to the Member Federations and putting the General Information Sheet on the website,  the entry form  information is now available on the website.

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IAU Labels for 2015 - A reminder to Race Organisers
I am very pleased to see that there are a number of races which have applied to and been put on the race calendar for 2015. However there are new conditions for IAU Labels from January 2015 as we announced last June
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IAU Congress 2014, 20th November 2014, Doha, Qatar.
 You had notification in August  about our biennial Congress at the Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar on 20th November 2014 before the IAU 100K World Championships.  I now am giving you the final agenda for the meeting.
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IAU 5th Trail World  Championships, Annecy, France. 30th May 2015.
Latest news. Yesterday, Friday 16th January, the FFA on behalf of the IAU and the LOC sent all IAU Member Federations  the invitation for the IAU Trail World Championships in Annecy, France on May 30th 2015 together with the General Information Sheet and the PEF and FEF
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IAU 100K World Championships  Doha, Qatar. 21st November 2014 – Athletes list.
We are now publishing the current list of athletes and team management participating in the IAU 100K World Championships as proposed by the IAU Member Federations.
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IAU 24H World and European Championships, Turin, Italy 11th/12th April 2015.
17.01.15 All IAU Member Federations have been sent the General Information Sheet and the PEF and FEF this afternoon  -17th January – with the deadline for the return of the completed PEF by  February 1st.   IAU Championships - 24H

IAU 100K World Championships Doha 2014 Unofficial results.
Dear all , in the following excel spreadsheets, you will find the unofficial results of the IAU 100K World Championships.
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IAU 100K World Championships, Doha, Qatar, 21st November 2014
Final Results for the Individual and Team Championships.
With apologies for delay but here now are the final results for both the Mens and Ladies individual Championships and also the Team Championships.
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28th IAU 100km World Championships Announced

The 28th IAU 100km World Championships will take place in Winschoten, the Netherlands. 
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WBPs and WABPs updated for 2014

The World´s Best Performances (WBP) and World´s Age Best Performances (WABP) have been updated for 2014. 
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IAU Labels 2015. First applications have now been processed.
As promised in October, the first IAU labels for 2015 have now been processed successfully. A reminder to all athletes and race organisers that for your athletic performances in ultra races to be recognised for the IAU performance rankings, the race requires an IAU label. 
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Yen-Lung Yu & Ming-Chu Lu Win the iau 100km Asian Championships 2014

The IAU 100km Asian Championships took place on December 13 in Yi Lan, Taiwan. 
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Season´s Greetings from the IAU Council

The IAU Council wishes the IAU Family our sincere greetings and warm wishes for the holiday season. 
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IAU CONGRESS . Doha, Qatar, November 2014 -   Draft Minutes and Financial Report  now available.
Its the festive season but as part of  finishing  off the activities for 2014, the draft short minutes and the finance report for the IAU Congress 2014 are now available on the website.
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Media Report from Aspire on the 27th IAU 100km World Champships

The 27th IAU 100km World Championships took place on Nov 21st 2014 in Doha Qatar. 
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IAU World Best Performance List updated and new arrangements for 2015+
The list of IAU world best performances has been updated and a document has been added which has been updated and a document has been added which details the rationale for combing all IAU WBP and WABPs ( road,track and indoor) into one list. 
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