posted: 20-4-2014
50km World Trophy Final Updates

Invitations to the 50km World Trophy Final have started going out. more >>

posted: 16-4-2014
New List of WBPs and WABPs

Please find attached the list of the World´s Best Performances (WBPs) and World Age Best Performances (WABPs). more >>

posted: 9-4-2014
IAAF launches worldrunning.com

IAAF launches the new interactive website for athletes. more >>

posted: 2-4-2014

Doha announces Prize Money for 50km Trophy Final

The LOC in Doha has announced that there will be prize money at the 50km World Trophy Final.

more >>

posted: 23-3-2014
Standings 50km World Trophy Final as of March 23 2014

The 50km Standings for the World Trophy Final to be staged in Doha, Qatar on Oct 31st 2014 are shaping up very well. more >>

posted: 22-3-2014
 IAU Annual Report to the IAAF covering IAU activities last year and future developments

Dirk Strumane will be presenting the IAU Annual report to the IAAF Road Running Commission at the end of March and we are announcing some developments we discussed recently at our meeting in Monaco.

more >>

posted: 19-3-2014
Qatar Athletic Federation Joins IAU

Qatar becomes the 77th member to join the IAU. more >>

posted: 11-3-2014
You Tube Video from Test Run in Doha

Aspire Logistics had recorded the test run that took place on March 6th. more >>

posted: 11-3-2014
100km IAU Asian Championships

It is with great pleasure we announce that the 100km IAU Asian Championships goes to Yi Lan, Taiwan this year. more >>

posted: 10-3-2014
Dates for MIAUCs 2014

There has been a lot of information that has been published in the last few days. more >>

posted: 10-3-2014
Venue for the 100km World Championships 2014 announced!

The 100km World Championships 2014 is going to take place in Doha, Qatar on Nov 28th. more >>

posted: 8-3-2014

24 Hour World Championships (Pilzen cancelled but IAU in discussions with Soochow)

It is with regret that we announce that the previously announced 24 Hour World Championships in Pilzen have been cancelled.

more >>

posted: 7-3-2014
50km World Trophy Final 2014

It is with great pleasure we announce that the 50km World Trophy Final 2014 will take place in Doha, Qatar. more >>

posted: 2-3-2014
50km Standings for the Trophy Series 2014

We have been organizing the Trophy Series since the end of 2012 for this current Trophy Final. more >>

posted: 2-3-2014

Update on MIAUCs 2014

The latest update on MIAUCs 2014 as of March 2nd 2014.

more >>

posted: 24-2-2014
50km Trophy Series

We will be announcing the site of the 50km World Trophy Final soon. more >>

posted: 16-2-2014
Updates on MIAUCs 2014

This is to inform all of you, as indicated that we would be giving an update this week, that we are currently still working on securing/confirming the championships for this year. more >>

posted: 4-2-2014
100km World Championships 2014 Cancelled in Latvia

We regret to announce that the 100km World Championships 2014 scheduled to be held in Daugavpils, Latvia have been cancelled.   more >>

posted: 30-1-2014
Dates for 2015 24hr and Trail World Championships

We had posted information on the world championships in 2015 with 24hr (Torino, Italy) and Trail (Annecy, France). more >>

posted: 29-1-2014
24 Hour IAU World Championships 2015

It is with great pleasure we announce that the 24 Hour World Championships in 2015 will take place in Torino, Italy. more >>

posted: 23-1-2014
Olsen and Kudo win IAU Athlete of the Year Award 2013

It is with great pleasure we announce that the 2013 IAU Athletes of the Year are Jonathan Olsen (USA) and Mami Kudo (JPN). more >>

posted: 6-1-2014
Athlete of the Year Shortlist 2013

The short list of the Athlete of the Year 2013 has been compiled. more >>

posted: 9-7-2013
 IAU Trail World Championships, Llanrwst, Wales 6th July – Results and Reports

It was a great day in Wales and even the weather shone on us!  Please see below for a race report from Matt Ward and also the detailed race results (now confirmed).

more >>

posted: 30-6-2013
 IAU Trail World Championships, July 6th Llanrwst, Wales.
More Information on the Course

The LOC have been out and about to give you a step by step view of the course in Wales.

more >>

posted: 27-6-2013
 IAU Trail World Championships, Wales 6th July 2013. – Latest athletes Lists & accommodation update

We are getting closer to the Championships and it is time now to publish the athletes lists as they now stand.  Also dont forget to visit the LOC website where a lot more details and photos are and will be published http://worldtrailwales2013.org/  For team management please note that changes in accommdation requests will not now be accepted. The invoices  will still reflect the original requests.

more >>

posted: 19-6-2013
 IAU 100K World Championships South Africa October 2013.  Don’t buy cheap flights yet!


We announced on May 13th that the IAU and the IAAF Road Running Commission had confirmed the IAU 100K World Championships would be held in South Africa on 26th October 2013.   However, 

more >>

posted: 27-5-2013
4th  IAU Trail World Championships  Conwy, North Wales,  UK. 6th July 2013.

The invitations and General Information Sheet with the  Final Entry Form have been issued today.  The deadline for completing and returning the FEF is June 14th

more >>

posted: 27-5-2013
Invitation to add races to the IAU 50KM Trophy Series 2013-2014

The 50km World Trophy Final will ve organized in 2014 (venue to be decided). more >>

posted: 21-5-2013
 IAU Trail World Championships 2013 North Wales July 6th - -Latest News.

 Yesterday (May 20th) we had some very useful meetings on site in Wales in preparation for sending out further details in the General Information Form and Entry Form by the end of this week. 

more >>

posted: 6-5-2013
 IAU Executive Council meeting  Belves, France.

 The IAU Executive Council held a meeting at the end of the weekend of the successful IAU 100K European Championships in Belves France.

 Key items discussed and decided were included changes in Executive Council membership, ratifications of World Age Best Performances,  the progress of IAU Championships this year, Doping Policy – new  IAAF initiative for blood testing,   IAU Website.

more >>

posted: 1-5-2013
IAU 24H World & European Championships 11-12th May, Steenbergen, Nederlands. Athletes Lists
Having completed a very successful IAU 100K European Championships in Belves, France, last weekend, ultradistance eyes now turn to the IAU 24H Championships in Steenbergen on May 11-12th. Full details of the athletes taking part are below.
more >>

posted: 22-4-2013
 22nd IAU 100K European Championships Belves, France 2013  - Championships entrants.

Dear all, we are now finalising the registered lists of athletes for the European Championships next weekend and these are attached. We have 19 countries taking part and about 97 athletes.

more >>

posted: 19-4-2013

4th IAU Trail World Championships to be held in Gwydyr Forest, North Wales on July 6th 2013  [UPDATED with course map 22nd April 2013]

The IAU Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the 4th IAU Trail World Championships will be held in North Wales in Gwydyr Forest on July 6th  2013. This is in agreement with the Local Organising Committee composed of a partnership of the Welsh Government, Conwy Borough Council and both Welsh Athletics and British Athletics. A provisional course map has also been put on the website.

more >>

posted: 26-3-2013
IAU Registered in Monaco  ( updated 25th March ) 

The IAU has made a huge leap in its existence. It has been registered in Monaco and the Monaco bulletin and the final accepted IAU constitution can now be found under the IAU tab "Constitution" . more >>

posted: 4-3-2013
 IAU 24H World and European Championships, Steenbergen, Nederlands 11th/12th May 2013


Latest news.  All IAU Member Federations have been sent the General Information Sheet and the PEF and FEF this morning – 4th March 2013 – with the deadline for the return of the completed PEF by March 18th. One country has already returned its PEF within a few hours!

more >>

posted: 20-2-2013
 IAU 100K European Championships 2013, Belves (FRA) April 27th 2013.

Today, (20th February) the FFA have sent out the invitations and details for the IAU 100K Championships to all the IAU European Member Federations and the IAU have also sent out the travel grant information to the individual countries. For both athletes and team managers the General Information Sheet is attached here and we look forward to seeing all our European friends in Belves in April.


Hilary Walker

IAU General Secretary

more >>

posted: 21-10-2012

Steven Way and Helen Taranowski the strongest in Italy
(report IAU 50K World Trophy Final + results)

more >>

posted: 10-9-2012
 IAU Extraordinary General Congress. Katowice September 7th 2012.

 On the day before the IAU 24H World and European Championships, the IAU member federation representatives met for a Extraordinary General Congress to consider the revised draft constitution to make the IAU´s home in Monaco. 

more >>

posted: 2-9-2012
 IAU Extraordinary Congress 7th September Katowice.

A revised draft of the proposed new Constitution has been uploaded to the website.
Please read further:-

more >>

posted: 21-8-2012

IAU 24H World and European Championships 8-9th September 2012 Katowice Poland. 

Entry Lists updated 26th August

more >>

posted: 15-7-2012
 Revision of IAU Constitution, IAU Extraordinary Congress, Katowice, 7th September.

During the IAU Congress in Seregno in April, Dirk Strumane in his address on the Report of the Executive Council gave notice that the IAU Executive Council were working with the IAAF to adjust and strengthen our legal position and get the benefits from registering the IAU in Monaco at the IAAF address. 

more >>

posted: 8-5-2012
 IAU Area Representatives for Africa and Oceania, America  and Asia  Results of the Elections

The IAU Member Federations voted by email correspondence for their Area Representatives and the results of the election can now be posted. more >>

posted: 30-4-2012
 IAU Congress 2012 Draft Minutes.
All the details are attached.

Hilary Walker
IAU General Secretary
more >>

posted: 22-4-2012
Pictures IAU WC 100K online !
more >>

posted: 9-4-2012
IAU labelling: ONLINE application starts now !
more >>

posted: 22-3-2012
Video course WC100km in Seregno 2012
more >>

posted: 25-2-2012
from the IAU General Secretary:-

 Dear all,  now that the deadline for nominations has passed, here is the complete list of nominations for the Elections for the IAU Executive Council and Area Representatives for 2012-2016.  These will be held in the IAU Congress in Soregno on April 21st as stated in the letter sent out to IAU member federations in January and is on the website.  The list of candidates can also be downloaded. See here more >>

posted: 19-1-2012

Retrospection: "Why did IAU introduce the IAU Labelling system" ?

In the year 2005 the IAU introduced the IAU labelling system. A totally new regulation that was inspired by recognizing problems in the past..

more >>

posted: 19-1-2012
IAU Congress 2012 Seregno, Italy April 21st 2012

All IAU Member Federations have been sent an invitation to the IAU Congress 2012 which will be held on the site of the IAU 100K World and European Championships in Seregno, Italy. more >>

posted: 6-1-2012

Add your race in the IAU CALENDAR, right now!

All ultrarun organisers are invited to put their race in the IAU fixture list.

more >>

posted: 6-1-2012
High time to get YOUR results on the IAU website !!
more >>

posted: 19-8-2011
Media Report Correction

Please note an error in the race description for Assen in the Media Report. more >>

posted: 4-5-2011
IAU Report submitted to the IAAF Road Running Commission

Please find the IAU report submitted to the IAAF Road Running Commission submitted recenlty in London. more >>

posted: 12-4-2011
Mami Kudo breaks 18 year old World Record 48H in Athens with 8km !

The International Festival of Athens was once more the place to break records.
Remarkable performances also in the 24H, 72H, 7 Days and of course the 1000km event ! more >>

posted: 31-3-2011
Japan dominates the 2nd edition of the IAU 100 km Asian Championship
(Jeju island – South Korea)
In the early morning of Saturday March 26th  417 athletes lined up in Tapdong Park, Jeju City (South Korea) for the 10th edition of the Jeju International Ultra Marathon.
more >>

posted: 23-3-2011
2nd IAU 100km Asian Championships

Jeju Island, South Korea is the site for the 2nd IAU 100km Asian Championships. The race will take place on March 26th 2011. more >>

posted: 21-3-2011
3rd IAU Trail World Championships Information

The 3rd IAU Trail World Championships is taking place on July 9th 2011 in Connemara, Ireland. more >>

posted: 16-3-2011
Taiwan Ultrarunners Pledge Support to Japan Red Cross

When I first ventured into the sport of ultrarunning at the beginning of this century, I did not realize that I was not only entering a new sport but also being invited into an entirely new family --- the ultrarunning community.

more >>

posted: 16-3-2011

IAU Extends its Sympathies to Japan on the Recent Tragedy

The IAU Executive Council extends its sympathies to the citizens of Japan and the Japan Ultrarunning Federation in the wake of the recent earthquake that struck the nation.

more >>

posted: 10-3-2011
Final Update on the 24 Hour World Championships 2011

We thank our readers, coaches and athletes for their patience as we sought for a potential bid to host the 24 Hour World Championships in 2011. Please read the final update on the championships below by Dirk Strumane, IAU President. more >>

posted: 8-3-2011
UPDATED 50km World Trophy Final Series List

Please find the updated list (8th March 2011) for the 50km World Trophy Series.   more >>

posted: 14-2-2011
General Information Sheet for Asian 100km Championships

The 2nd IAU 100km Asian Championships are returning to Jeju, South Korea. more >>

posted: 17-11-2010
IAU Congress 2010 draft minutes more >>

posted: 1-1-2009

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